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Spiral’s aim is to prevent the effects bullying has on young people and families by providing emotional education, to give them the tools they can use to manage difficult situations and overwhelming emotions.

The support offered is for increased anger and anxiety, and low mood.

Project Details

Staff work in an approach that provides support at the earliest stages to prevent the effects bullying has on young people and the community, young people we are working with at early stages have increased anger, low mood, and anxious thoughts, these are all factors that can lead to bullying and becoming a target of bullying.
The approach adopted by staff and trained volunteers at Spiral is to provide psychoeducation to young people enabling to gain knowledge on their and their peers developing brain and learn how to manage difficult and overwhelming emotions. 

The Peer Community

The peer community is a site for 13–25-year old’s where they can access resources, talk to peers, attend game nights, find out what is happening locally. Sol who works on the project (age 20) will also attends youth settings to run game nights focused on communication, bullying, teen talk, as well as quiz nights and a drop-in service.

The drop-in service will be a space to talk, be listened to and understood in their experiences and provide information on:

  • Bullying
  • Anger, anxious thoughts, low mood (factors that can lead to bullying and becoming a victim of bullying)
  • Support available from other organisations


The worksheets and information that will be taken from the 1-2-1 support and group work and peer community site Spiral is currently providing, an example of some of these are:

  • My bullying story
  • Healthy mind platter
  • 8 ways to help you feel better
  • What’s happening in the teenage brain
  • What happens to our body when we are angry, anxious, low mood

Contact Spiral

You can request a referral form to be sent by email, post, Spiral also welcomes referrals from other GP’s and other organisations.

Once the referral form has been handed in you will be contacted within fifteen working days to arrange the first meeting.

You can call Spiral to ask any questions. If no one answers your call, leave a voice mail, text message, or email and someone will contact you as soon as they are available.

Phone 01228 642640

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