West Cumbria Mental Health Partnership

West Cumbria Mental Health Partnership

Positive Role Models Support Service

The Positive Role Models support service will work with young men aged 12-16 years, to build positive relationships, support their personal and social development, raise aspirations and build resilience.

Demonstrating that positive role model support can have a positive impact on the outcomes and life chances of young people.

Contact Information

This service is available to young men aged 12-16 years.

Enquiries and referrals for this service can be made to the provider Cumbria Youth Alliance through the following:

Phone 01900 603131

This service is provided by:

Cumbria Youth Alliance

Reach your full potential

Cumbria Youth Alliance provides infrastructure support for organisations working with children, young people and families. We also provide direct support to vulnerable young people in a variety of settings and are leading a number of new projects, whilst continuing to deliver existing projects across Cumbria.

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