West Cumbria Mental Health Partnership

West Cumbria Mental Health Partnership

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North Cumbria Recovery College

Recovery from mental illness is so much more than just the remission of symptoms.

To many it may seem recovery comes with the remission of symptoms, but often people with a mental illness define recovery in terms of living a meaningful, autonomous and empowered life in the community and having a sense of purpose.


The Recovery College courses are available in the following locations:

Carlisle The Lookout
Copeland De Lucy Centre
Allerdale Northside CC
Eden Penrith Library

Lunchtime / Drop in session

If you would like to pop in to meet the team, say hello and find out more, please use these sessions to do so and we look forward to meeting you!

Course Descriptions


This course is beneficial to those who wish to improve their confidence in their everyday life.

Find out what assertiveness is and isn’t and together we will explore the different elements of assertive behaviours. This course is beneficial to those who wish to improve their confidence in their everyday life.

Wellness Recovery Action Planning

This is a great course for anyone who would like to manage their health better.Written and evidenced by Mary Ellen Copelandm, this 6 session course provides you with tools to keep yourself well, notice triggers, identify early warning signs and plan for crisis’ in an engaging and fun way.

Drawing and Talking

This course will help you to ask and answer questions in the moment, let your imagination grow and contributes to overall improved wellbeing.Sessions are based on the drawing and talking format where you draw a picture of whatever you feel like, tell a story about it and answer questions.

Decider Life Skills

The course uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to teach skills to help you recognise thoughts, feelings and behaviours, allowing you to monitor and better manage your emotions and mental health.The skills were designed to enable participants to make effective changes to help manage distress, regulate emotion, increase mindfulness, promote effective communication and to live a more skilful, less impulsive life. The Decider Skills are delivered in an original, fun and creative style, using role plays, props, imagery and music, that makes them easy to learn and easy to teach. The demonstrations bring the skills to life.

Emotional Resilience

Six sessions covering managing wellbeing, making changes, problem solving, eating well, sleeping well, relaxation, being mindful and moving forward. These sessions will help you to understand your own resilience and the resilience of others, how wellbeing is affected, how to manage your resilience and the positive changes that we can make to improve wellbeing.
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Getting Started

If you have any questions feel free to contact us using the information below: Timetables for the courses are available on the Recovery College Website.

Sessions will be 50 minutes long with a prompt start at ten past the hour.

Phone 0808 196 1773

The Recovery College is a part of TogetherWe:

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Together We Talk

‘Empowering people to take control over their Mental Health and Wellbeing’

Together We Talk uses straight forward interventions to help you understand and recognise your own mental health and wellbeing. This includes looking at what things may affect the way you feel and how this affects the way you behave and think.

We will work together to find ways to manage unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and manage how you feel.

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