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West Cumbria Mental Health Partnership

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Cumbria Youth Alliance is a leading charity for the development and quality assurance of youth provision in Cumbria with a vision that all young people can thrive to achieve a sustainable and positive future! Supporting, engaging, and working in partnership with the infrastructure of Youth Organisations throughout Cumbria, to enable them and CYA to deliver a range of needs led programmes so that young people can reach their full potential. CYA focus on supporting the physical, mental health and wellbeing, attainment, and emotional development of young people across the county ensuring that young people can make a successful transition into adulthood. You can find out more about the projects CYA currently run here Cumbria Youth Alliance (cya.org.uk)

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Enquiries and referrals for this service can be made to the provider Cumbria Youth Alliance through the following:

Phone 01900 603131

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Cumbria Youth Alliance

Reach your full potential

Cumbria Youth Alliance provides infrastructure support for organisations working with children, young people and families. We also provide direct support to vulnerable young people in a variety of settings and are leading a number of new projects, whilst continuing to deliver existing projects across Cumbria.

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